$20.00 - $85.00

An all-purpose rod that can handle anything from panfish to bass while still delivering the delicate presentations you need to catch skittish trout. Our new version features black hardware, a non-reflective OD green finish, and a swivel-tip lillian. 

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Lightweight, ultra-portable, and well balanced...the Classic personifies the simplicity of Tenkara. It's slip resistant cork handle is gently contoured for a comfortable grip. The 9 section, progressive taper design collapses or deploys in seconds. A slotted rod tip offers you the ability to keep the rod rigged when capped. The Classic is simple, functional, and everything you need to have a great time fishing Tenkara! 

  • Length Deployed: 11 ft 9 inches
  • Length Collapsed: 21 inches 
  • Handle Length: 11 inches
  • Flex: Medium   
  • Weight: 3.4 oz. 
  • Non-reflective, matte OD green finish. 
  • Swivel-tip Lillian 
  • All rods include a printed soft case and a rugged travel tube. 

Just beginning to explore Tenkara? 
The starter kit includes the critical gear you need to get fishing fast! 

The starter kit includes a 12 foot Badger line, a spool of 4lb test tippet, and a set of 6 assorted flies.

"The Badger Tenkara Classic will make a great all-around tenkara rod to take from the mountain brook, to the meadow spring creek, to the smallmouth creek and then to the largemouth and bluegill pond. It will work well with a range of different lines and flies. The $85 price tag makes it a very nice option for those that want to get into tenkara – or for those already into tenkara that may need to expand their rod quiver to include a 12′ all-around rod."
-Anthony Naples

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"I've had my Badger Tenkara Classic for about three months now. In that time I've caught brook trout, yellow perch, black crappie, bluegill, and pumpkinseeds. In all cases the BT Classic has been a dream to cast and the fishing is incredibly fun. In June I took the BT Classic to a private lake in Northern MN where we got into a bunch of 8 - 10" bluegill. We were having difficulty landing these bulls on our spinning gear. Since I was on a boat with a bunch of other people I didn't want to start whipping fly line everywhere. BT Classic to the rescue! Not a single platter-sized bluegill was able to get away from my floating spider and tight line. I would consider the BT Classic to be the ultimate in light fishing gear. For the price I think it would be impossible to do better. Sure I could spend a lot more money on a different rod just so I could shave off a fraction of an ounce. But I figured I would be better served buying a second BT Classic. Thanks again!" 

- Reddit User "troutangler" 

Your Badger Tenkara rod conducts electricity. Be aware of power lines and avoid contact. Don't touch it to that the electric fence. Do not use if lightning is present. Be safe!!!